Freebie: Instagram Video Photoshop Actions (Stinson, Vesper, etc)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I just want to thank you for this tutorial it helps me to design my logo

  2. janet says:

    dear instagram followers my mom posted such a cute picture of johnny ramies ethan and i.

  3. Clipping Services says:

    Simple and very functional thanks

  4. adriana says:

    my computer says the command is not available,why?

    1. Photoshop Tutorials Editor says:

      Is your photo in RGB mode? You can check by going to Image > Mode > RGB Color

  5. lucero says:

    hello i have problems to instal the effect :/ and i cant find any tutorial! plss help

    1. Jane says:

      Hello lucero. You can use the ACTIONS by clicking WINDOW. Options will slide down and you will see ACTIONS. A Triangle icon will appear (just like the PLAY button on your MP3) Click it.Make sure you are in the ACTIONS not on HISTORY. Click the rightmost icon on the box (the one with a little triangle pointing downward) Options will appear and choose LOAD ACTIONS. Browse for the downloaded ACTION (but make sure you have extracted it from the zip folder.) After you load it, you will see the actions on the earlier box.

  6. sarheed sherzad says:


  7. Mukhlisa says:


  8. Allison says:

    I love your actions! Thank you!!

  9. Madhukar says:

    oh my!

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