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How to Create a Professional Web Layout in Photoshop

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  1. Jai says:

    I was redirected to this post from a html slicing tutorial of this psd layout. Can some one pls post the link of that html code?

  2. Dougieladd says:

    This is one the best tutorials on layout for the web I’ve seen. There are sooooo many poor quality tutorials out there. This is one of the good ones, well done!!

    1. satish guddad says:

      this is really a great tutorial,really thanks ! wonderful job

  3. vince says:

    this is just for the image, how about the coding part??

    1. Monis says:

      it’s adesining tutorial

  4. Hamza says:

    Awesome … Thanks ;)

  5. sunil says:

    Great tutorial. :)

  6. jp2gmd says:

    cool tutorial!

  7. web developer says:

    Thank you for making the only actual tutorial that I’ve been able to find. Other ‘tutorials’ haven’a actually explained how to do things, but you did so, very clearly…

    1. uresh says:

      Yes…..of course

  8. betty says:

    im sorry for asking..

    how to put links and html stuff?

    1. John Personala says:

      All work u have to do in dreamviewer, u can apply templates on the web, by dreamviewer,

  9. iraa says:

    this is just awesome thank you soo much :)

  10. daisopa says:

    wow! that’s a great tutorial,really thanks ! great job

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