Digital Star Effect

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  1. AMWS says:

    thak you. i’am korean
    it was very awsome.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I used your tutorial to create a picture that I would like to use in my portfolio. If you would like to see the picture you can find it here…. I would like your permission to use the photo I made using your tutorial.

  3. John says:


  4. Nazmul Islam Sujan says:

    Great Work!

  5. Parth says:

    Really an amazing tutorial. Step by Step tutorial and easy to understand. Great Work.

  6. Ben Maze says:

    Is it meant to stop at step 7? Because that doesn’t look like what it does at the top

  7. Zohane says:

    Magnificent, Tks!

  8. ashimdas says:


  9. BB48 says:

    Great tutorial, very useful. I made some festive textures with this technique. Thanks!

  10. BB48 says:

    Great tutorial, very useful. I made some cool textures with this method. Thanks!

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