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Create an Underwater Scene of a Giant Goldfish in Photoshop

Comments (23)
  1. Roy says:

    nice work guys…….. its awesome

  2. abdo says:

    I reached the point where i should get a nice ripply light on the bottom of the sea .. i did everything just the way it was illustrated but all i get is this ..
    what should i do ?

    1. Mamith says:

      Don’t you See the next pages

  3. ferobanjo says:

    I like It. Good Job. Thanx

  4. David Whang says:

    You are awesome.
    Thank you so much.

  5. selphpoetic says:

    The best tutorials!

  6. Gurpreet says:

    Sir need can you send pictures in zip file? My email is .

    1. Gurpreet2 says:

      What is it>>???

  7. Malvakai says:

    TRYING to learn the basics, here bro.

    The eye was not hidden. I know to check that much.

    An explanation WHY something works is how a lot of people learn, not just me. I wasn’t complaining or blaming, just wishing there was more to it.

    1. riper says:

      OK I’m ****ing sorry about that bro

  8. Malvakai says:

    I wish you could say WHY certain things are done (so I can understand when I might need to use them in the future) and so I can understand what the outcome is supposed to look like.

    For instance… I don’t understand why we need a layer mask in Step 18 and why we are painting in white over the top of it…

    Since it doesn’t seem to want to let me do it as stated (I get an error, “Could not use the brush tool because the target layer is hidden”), I have no idea what the outcome is supposed to be and can’t figure out how to get to the next step without just skipping Step 18.

    1. riper says:

      your fault for not knowing the basics. Dont blame the tutorial bro. You can’t paint because your layer is hidden. Click on the EYE icon. Layer mask is like a mask to show\hide what is visible on the layer.

  9. paradox11111 says:

    This is so beautiful but please tell me, do I really have to pay for those images? :(

    1. riper says:

      no you dont because sxc is a free site

  10. photoshop tutorial says:

    wow…an amazing photoshop tutorial about create a rainbow.

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