Create This Eerie Haunted House Scene for Halloween

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  1. awesome photo manipulation.

  2. Jeremy francis says:

    i like the hountd house photo

  3. Arga says:

    What the hell man, That all was an effect and reposition ?
    And it all starts from nothing ? man i think you’re a genius ! fcking like it ! but, it’s still hard to me, any other ways easier than this but the same results ?

  4. Courtney Meshenberg says:

    I would not use that house stock photo, nor any image from moonglowlily as she notoriously takes images from Google and calls them stock. She does not have permission to post those photos and by using them you are committing copyright infringement.

  5. Steve Jobz Steve Jobz says:

    How much time I am supposed to spend in Photoshop in order to do a such miracle?

  6. nam says:

    where is smoke brush ?

  7. No Rocks says:

    Where is the rocks image dowload?

    1. Phu Tran says:

      i cant find the rocks image too, but here is my alternative rocks image. try it out

  8. Tiene muchas capas y crea un verdero Arte Subrealista

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