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How to Turn Your Simple Portrait into a Sci-Fi Character in Photoshop

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome no doubt

  2. Elena says:

    Convert to smart filters is not active! What can be done? (step 4.)

  3. Liya says:

    Step 17 and step 18 – identical screenshots) Thank you for your hard work, great job, beautiful result)

  4. @Nchalada on twitter says:

    I’m having issues with step 26. Specifically, “Remove apple from fingers”.
    Nothing I do gives me anything but black spots.

  5. @Nchalada on twitter says:

    I’m stuck on step 26.
    “We inscribe an apple in her hand. So we do not interfere with the mask layer, convert this layer as Smart Object. Again, add a layer mask to this layer. Use hard brush to remove from fingers an apple. To make it easier to select the her hand (hold Cmd/Ctrl and click on layer) Remove apple from fingers and the remaining portions will have to clean up manually.”
    I’m not clear on the hard brush, what colour it’s supposed to be, etc. All I get is black dots, not apple removal.
    Any help would be appreciated,

    1. Maria Semelevich says:

      Hi! You have added a layer mask? Convert this layer to Smart Object? Try to use Eraser Tool (E) on rasterized layer. This should not have happened, because I check every step.

  6. anupam says:

    Plz tell me what adobe u using ??? Thank u For this tutorial its awsome

    1. Maria Semelevich says:

      I use Adobe Photoshop CC 2014. You welcome! I am very pleased that you liked my tutorial!

  7. cuba says:

    Sau Stark!! :D

    Many greetings from germany!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your tutorial! I appreciate the time and energy it took to put this together for sharing ~ so kind of you… :)))

    1. Maria Semelevich says:

      You welcome! I am very pleased that you liked my tutorial. And thank you very much for your lovely words!

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