Create a Halloween Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

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  1. Jules says:

    Thank you so much Antaka.

  2. Jules says:

    I have reahed the stage of lighting the windows in the witch house, I make a new layer and use the pen tool to draw around the window but I cant replicate the yellow light that is supposed to be emmited. I follow the instrutction to the letter and have tried many times. I also dont have the red colour with the brush tool when applying masks. Please help :(

    1. Antaka Nguyen says:

      Hi Jules,

      After you’ve finished drawing with pen, just right click on the draw path and choose Fill Path, you should be able to fill with drawing path with the color in the tutorial provided.

      Also, the red color in the layer mask is just a sample for better visual view, its actually the black color you use when masking.

      Let me know if there’s anything more you want to know, contact me via my email :



  3. Bob says:

    can i have a download link to the full completed photo shop of this project i need to show my class

    1. Hugh Mungus says:

      LOL I think I know what class you’re talking about.

  4. Pappu Sabnani says:

    awesome photo manipulation

  5. LeoCee says:

    thank you for sharing!!

  6. Steve says:

    Where’s the link to the witch house?

    1. Antaka Nguyen says:

      Hi Steve,

      Sorry for the mistake, here’s the link to the Witch House stock :

      Thanks for pointing out!

    2. Photoshop Tutorials Editor says:

      Post updated. Thanks for the link!

  7. Henk says:

    Found the house.
    For all who is searching for the house:

  8. Henk says:

    Hey this is a cool tutorial whitch I am trying to do aswell.
    But where can I find this witch house?


  9. sukawia says:

    It seems like you forgot to include the Witch House in the tutorial resources.

    Thanks for all the great tutorials!

  10. madhav says:


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