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Create an Incredible Twilight Surreal Scene with Floating Islands

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  1. Minh Hai says:

    great tutorial thank you so much i like it

  2. Eve Livesey says:

    Would be really nice if you would inform me when you use my stock in a tutorial – we could do some social sharing and promotion

    Kind Regards


  3. Lucy matagaro says:

    The photos are really amazing

  4. Eliana Palomino says:

    This is really nice. I loved it!!!

  5. Photoshop says:

    thank’s so match I like that

  6. Jordan says:

    I think this could have all been a lot shorter now that i’ve read through the whole thing.

    For one, hyper links, use them and just say repeat this process such as the saturation, hue, contrast and brightness factors, as well, it’s really hard to learn this tutorial if you were a beginner, saying to just “mask” something is far easier said than done if you have no idea more effective ways of doing the like with the quick mask or the layer mask.

    I hate the ship, it’s like heres rocks and trees and everything natural not a single bit of water showing, oh and here’s a ship. I took it out of mine on personal choice but it’s up to you.

    Last thing I’d say is the rocks you created, they look far more detailed then just using a brush to create them I’d say you took multiple layers using different sections of the rock each time and layered them on top of each other to give more depth to the photo, if you want nice crisp clean jagged rocks try using the lasso tool and deleting the brush layer piece by piece.

  7. Hera says:

    Wow, love this tutorial! Amazing job, I should try it out myself. ;)

  8. YASIR IQBAL says:

    i like your work style

  9. Ifat Sharmin says:

    Fantastic graphics work..Have to ask all of our designers to follow your articles..Thank you so much..

  10. Julie says:

    What a great tuto! Trying to be better in photo manipulation this was really helpfull.
    Just having a weird result on step 30 when trying to add lights to the stone, it needed to be set at 5% opacity not to have those white mass…
    And also step 56 I’m not able to have something like yours, I just have this white edge as if it wasn’t well cut out, took me time to fix it but nevermind, I learnt a lot thank you! (and sorry for my bad english ahah)

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