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Create a Mystical Night Forest Scene with an Angel

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  1. Kim says:

    Looks like I need to practice a bit more with poser before I can do this one. Awesome results you have though.

  2. jack ogbole says:

    An awesome and unction work

  3. Patrick Raiford says:

    I don’t understand Step 4. How did you get the mask? I can’t seem to do that. I am using PS CS6.

    1. Anonymous says:

      yeah i didnt get it either and seems to miss things out expecting you to know which is hard..

  4. Anonymous says:

    I stopped in the grass brush part..
    i have no grass brush

  5. Megan Fox says:

    This is beautiful

  6. srinivas kota says:

    very good

  7. 7s says:

    Magnificent!! Very good tut!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thank u=)

  9. ramesh murugan says:

    awesome tutorial frnd :) thankssssss

  10. Opentargets says:

    Awesome post i like it.

    1. adam says:

      can you please send me the psd file of your work to follow the steps. Thanks :)

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