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How to Create a Night Jungle Scenery in Photoshop

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  1. tee says:

    the background has a writing on it! how do you get it off?

    1. hafsa says:

      use clone stamp

  2. Bilal Ahmed says:

    I mean what a detailed and an amazing tutorial. Just loved it. It was awesome.

  3. Felix Cross says:

    damn haha, took forever!! Amazing tutorial, I wouldn’t normally do something like this, but I need to step out of my comfort zone and learn something I may never use.


    Amazing feeling to finish something like this lol

  4. Freevectorsdiary says:

    Good one

  5. Sling says:

    Nice tutorial.

  6. Sling says:

    Awesome tuts

  7. Gabriela says:

    Links #5, #6 (Ariata – DeviantART, Flowers – DeviantART) as well as the last one do not work :(

  8. Paradox1111 says:

    This is too hard for me to make, I just wanna say that it looks amazing!

    1. Arsi says:

      hey how are you . my name is Arsi actually nothing is Hard you do try .. is simple and easy possible . don’t say hard and go back .. do try and come to front side . Thanks

  9. Khanh says:

    What is the custom filter for?

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