Create a Troublesome Underwater Scene with a Big Green Monster in Photoshop

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  1. Esypasol says:

    Uhhm Im tryin’ to figured it out the steps that has no images. Kindly check it? :3 Thaaanks.

  2. I have tried it xd I liked that tut, thanks..

  3. MattLis says:

    It is very good. Easy to follow the steps. Thank you for sharing. Just a shame that the download link does’nt work

  4. Rain says:

    i can’t see some of the images. Can you plz check them again?

    Thanks :)

  5. Steve says:

    Some of the images are not loading. You may want to check the paths

  6. I’m Photoshop beginner :) but I’m gonna try :)

    1. Abdou Brh Abdou Brh says:

      u’ll do it :like:

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