How to Create a Mystical Father and Son Scene in Photoshop

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  1. ArwaMohammad says:

    i cann’t found the (  Lens Correction ) in photoshop 6 :(

  2. JohnnySteel1 says:

    Thanks for this tutorial it inspired me to use some of my own photos including my Daughter inlaw and Granddaughter, And for all those peeps here saying image has been deleted etc, just use your imagination, theres not a lot of point following this tutorial down to a t, as i said before learn from it and use your imagination. here is my version, [IMG][/IMG]

    1. Ayaron says:

      @JohnnySteel1 it’s cool and surreal

  3. Stark says:

    Where can I tare Field picture? It’s not available anymore!

  4. Binh Nguyen says:

    How admirable. Thanks.

  5. semmy says:

    Nice photo tutorial!! really nice piaemakku

  6. Carlos C. says:

    The grass field has been deleted

  7. Roko says:

    nice photo manipulation…..great work! keep it up…

  8. Sandra says:

    Great work i love the idea, thank you very much for sharing

  9. Tony says:

    How would I add a monkey riding on a humpback whale to the sky?

  10. What’s a f&^%$#$ lighthouse doing in the middle of a field… on hills. Should’ve used a windmill.

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