How to Create a Surreal Scene Full of Life in Photoshop

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  1. josts1234 says:

    when I go to the exposure everything turns black. What do I do?

    1. kenzmobile says:

      its -0.25 not -25. i did the same thing

  2. Ali Guest says:

    I can not thank you enough, the amount of things I’ve learnt in two hours is incredible, would usually take me a week of watching and reading tutorials, but nope, you’ve used many techniques that made my life easier! Thank you is not enough!

  3. HoHe says:

    Great tutorial!But the mountain photo is missing :/Some extra help…

    1. SalahKabbani says:

      just do what i did , 
      download the attached PSD from up there and take the mountain photo from there :D

    2. HoHe says:

      @SalahKabbani Thank you for your response :)But how can I take it from the mountain layer

    3. HoHe says:

      @SalahKabbani OK! Got it!I decided to replace the mountain photo with a desert one ^_^Thanks anyway :)

  4. landon912 says:

    awsome tut

  5. SalahKabbani says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial really great photo and great explanation love it. 
    but i have a problem with the mountain photo , the link of this photo doesn’t work , can you please upload it again or give me another photo that could be good for the tutorial ?

    1. SalahKabbani says:

      Never mind i took it from the downloadable project :)

  6. Ayaron says:

    I like it. 
    Thank you for your awesome tutorial.

  7. MahmoudAbdulkarim says:

    Very nice Job!
    Thanks a lot dear ^^.

  8. JohnnySteel1 says:

    Hi Guilherme, From the start of your tutorial you say to go to lens correction and distort the image to + 25,00, it distorts the image considerably !, is that right, ?, by the way it is a great tutorial,
    regards and respect johnny

    1. JohnnySteel1 says:

      Its ok, all i did was after the lens correction was used the free transform tool and adjusted the image to cover my canvas again lol, My bad..

  9. Taha says:

    Can I use CS3 for this creative tutorail.

  10. Taha says:

    Can I use CS3 for this creative tutorail.

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