Manipulating a WW2 Fighter Aircraft

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  1. baha says:

    Can’t add the noise to the new lyer “can’t add the filter because the area is emty”!
    what to do please?

    1. Anonymous says:


    2. cotty says:

      that’s happenin to me too…

  2. mintik says:

    Very good tutorial. Thanks.

  3. Sapphire says:

    This is a damn good guide sir, but You have no idea how planes works, do you? :P

  4. amanpreet says:

    i don’t know about blend mode?i m completely new for it

  5. Sponge says:

    It won’t let me make noise on an empty layer. An error comes up saying:
    “Could not complete the Add Noise command because the selected area is empty”

    1. Simon K says:

      True, that won’t work. I think that what is not mentioned is that this new layer should be filled with white before the noise is applied, this will give the desired effect and I assume that is what is done in this tutorial, just not mentioned. The noise will only be generated on that part of the layer that already contains something, eg. is NOT transparent.
      The easiest way to fill with white (or black) is to hit D on the keyboard. This will set default foreground and background color which is black and white respectively. To fill with the foreground color use ALT + BACKSPACE. To fill with the background color, use CTRL + BACKSPACE. On a Mac you would use Command instead of CTRL.

    2. kashif says:

      create a new layer and fill the layer with white colour

    3. Anonymous says:


  6. Conan says:

    How do i extract the propeller? i am completely new to this.

    1. Simon K says:

      You might want to look for some tutorials covering Layer Masks, they form the basis of a lot of things you can do in Photoshop. This tutorial clearly assumes some knowledge about Layer Masks as it does not describe the exact procedure of using layer masks in much detail.
      So check up on Layer Masks and give this tutorial a go afterwards.

  7. Photoshop says:

    Dont bother going to the dead link. Just right click the picture and press save as. Then open the file via photoshop.

  8. there is no image in that link:(

    1. Simon K says:

      You can simply use the first image that is displayed in the tutorial, the picture of just the airplane with nothing added. Right click it and save it somewhere on your computer – then open it up in Photoshop.

  9. Stifler says:

    Very Useful Tutorial Thanks a LOT :p

  10. maraschinocherry says:

    can no longer copy the image :(

    1. Marissa says:

      must suck to be you

    2. Anonymous says:


    3. Sarah says:

      Just copy the image that is on this page. That’s what I did. :_

    4. cotty says:

      it says I cant add noise to a layer with nothing on it?

    5. bSemos says:

      just right click on his picture and save – worked for me when I found out the link was gone

    6. shoobydoobydoo says:

      plane does look more realistic

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