Decorating Text

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  1. kvp says:

    Very nice art work. My path was not so smooth, need more practice. I could hide some imperfections in color mode:-). My pattern creation was not cool, either. TU so much for sharing.

  2. hARISH says:

    Still The First Step to Create Pattern was confusing. What you mean by use polygon tool and make the first image. We didn’t get. Anyone one can help? What it really means?

  3. fattz says:

    i don’t understand the first step, could someone please elaborate? :)

    1. Jonah says:

      I got a little confused there too. What you do is create a new layer, hide the background by clicking the eye looking button on the left of it, click your color square at the bottomish left and put in the hex code number #808080 if you dont know what that is, it is the bottom middle option when you click the color square. Then just set layer 1 to that color. Next you use the polygonal lasso tool to recreate the first image that was shown. So just use the lasso tool to select parts to delete to RECREATE the FIRST image shown. Hope I helped!

  4. aman says:

    awesome !!

  5. shanu says:

    great shareing i love it

  6. Anonymous says:

    how do you add the things coming off of the letters?

  7. angel says:

    I love it ;P no i hate it f off

    1. May says:

      Bet you can do a lot better

  8. Ushasi says:

    Awesome! Great Tutorial. I did it with my name :)

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