The Top New Features in Photoshop CC

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  1. Maidul Islam says:

    A very smart approach to explain the things,like your step by step tutorial.

  2. An74 says:

    Sad about camera shake filter,, not as good as thought

  3. william says:

    Thx for the clear article. I signed up for CC because of this (PS only)

  4. Praveen says:

    Its the best Photoshop App. Try visiting for any questions… And if u r a teacher or student u get entire adobe apps only $19.99 think of it…

  5. harshad chopra says:

    download link pls

  6. Spaceship says:

    ANNNNDDDD its pirated… in only 4 hours

    1. tylertime says:

      is there somewhere to find this?

  7. R Velázquez says:

    So will next version be Photoshop CC2 or is always stay at Photoshop CC?

    1. Michael says:

      and then how will we know which version of CC people are on?

    2. will says:

      It will always be CC… @michael people will always be updated to the latest one because it will be subscription only.

  8. Jeric M says:

    I’m done with Photoshop. I’ve been using it since version 7 and I’m finally giving Photoshop up because of the subscription pricing model. Just kidding! $20/month is not bad but I’m still sticking with CS3 for as long as I can. I feel like I’m saving money for every month that I can delay the upgrade to Photoshop CC.

    1. Adam says:

      cs3?! Your going to love when you upgrade lmao

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