How to Create an Anime Artwork in Photoshop

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  1. Maria says:

    Useful tutorial, thank a lot! But one thing I cannot understand: why should we checkmark the Other Dynamics option, if we do not any changes in this palette? It seems to me the result is the same, with checked option or without it?

  2. Faith says:

    One question. What if the image was drawn in pencil, can that still work?

  3. OMEGA says:

    ummm wouldnt it be better to use the gradient tool instead of the dodge and burn? its waaay easier, i tried dodge and burn, it didn’t work as well and was hard to make it smooth. The gradient tool does it all for you. gradient is better

  4. Nicko Sanka says:

    Thanks A Big Help I Can Proceed now with my Manga

  5. YEss says:

    This is awesome thanks you so much!

  6. BUG says:

    Does anyone know how to perform the same function in Photoshop CS6? That is the newest version, and I cannot find the button mentioned.

    1. Jenn says:

      Which button?

    2. Yuuka says:

      The button that I need to find in Photoshop CS6 is the tonal information thingy

  7. boobs says:

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    1. Anonymous says:

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    2. unknown says:

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    4. Anonymous says:

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  8. ArturoVargas says:

    thank you, i’ve been looking for a tutorial for this

  9. sarah says:

    is there a way that u can show how to draw the characters too with more detail with a video or somthing?

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