Silhouettes and Gradients

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  1. UK Nair says:

    Good One….It really works

  2. Blow says:


  3. mayte says:

    I don’t understand! IT’S HARD!:c

    1. jfkalhbnedsor says:

      no mms

  4. Leroy says:

    It really works thank you i was having problem with the photoshop.

  5. Veronica Kim says:

    very easy and finished!

    1. Anonymous says:

      tis is bob

  6. Jessica says:

    i have seen really long tutorials but this one was quick and easy!

  7. UKM says:

    Very nice and this quick tutorial was very much helpfull for me. many many thanks.

  8. Leo_bT says:

    quick tutorial, and very handy for a quick brainstorming !! great!!

  9. AminTaurus says:

    nice and thanks for this quick tutorial

    1. bob says:

      im am bob

    2. Anonymous says:

      is tis a good website

    3. lolu says:

      i know dude bob is my homie

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