Create a Surreal Photo Manipulation of a Man Watching a Magical Sky

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  1. Benjamin says:

    I still cannot believe that the end result came from what the original photo started with. Very good work!

  2. Colin says:

    Fantastic Artist

  3. Lucas Campau says:

    Totally cool. Doesn’t photoshop have the coolest features if you can make an image like this out of basically nothing?

  4. Ahmed says:

    The tutorials are very easy to follow and I appreciate that very much. I am just getting started and sometimes I am not even sure what photoshop can really do for me. I love the results. great work

  5. Emi says:

    The man sitting on the bench reminds me of my grandfather, who’s passed away. This would be a great pic to memorialize him . Thanks for the tutorial.

  6. Shohel Rana says:

    So much helpful tutorial indeed to create magical or super-real photo. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Trevor Garratt says:

      Have you finished this project yet? I would like to see the end results of others that have tried the tutorial.

  7. jazza says:

    Hi Alexander West,
    I love the results. great work

  8. What a superb tutorial! Thanks

  9. Anonymous says:

    Man Watching A Magical Sky – looks like an Incomplete tutorial. Disappointed. Unable to continual after staep 14.

    1. Mr Johnsie says:

      Hehe, it’s split into two pages. You needed to click “2” to get to the second page of the tutorial. Common sense really. It’s a good tutorial.

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