Create a Photo Manipulation of an Angel Holding a Torch

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  1. Maidul Islam says:

    These look fantastic! Thanks for bringing them together – what a great collection

  2. Otto Driver says:

    Nice tutorial, but the writer doesn’t seem to know the difference between the singular “woman” and the plural “women.” VERY annoying.

  3. Cino Poitier says:

    couldnt download the wings any other place i can go 2 get them

  4. mr.clown says:

    nice tutorial

  5. Mireille Darsonville says:

    Merci beaucoup. J’ai utilisé d’autres ailes, je n’avais pas vu le lien rajouté. Ma réalisation:

  6. patricia says:

    i found a wing by searching thru deviart site … the link was gone even checked he profile for one … but i got it :) not as perfect as hers but cool

  7. JohnB163 says:

    I too am unable to find “wings.”

  8. Srboljub Dimitrijevic says:

    Thank You

  9. Jacq Christiaan says:

    The link “wings” doesn’t work. Page doesn’t exist anymore is the message you get.

    1. patricia says:

      me 2 i went to her page and trying to get it the wings

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