3D Textured Text Effect

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  1. Ravi Raj says:

    i like
    now its simple before

  2. yayasan says:

    Thank you so much.

    1. yayasan2 says:


  3. Naren ojha says:


  4. Yuvaraj says:

    Thank you so much it was very helpful everyone!

  5. Chani Silberstein says:

    thanks very much for this tut – it was really helpful and clear!

  6. Sisco says:

    I thought this was for photoshop. I don’t have illustrator

  7. Fenghan Yin says:

    Here is very good.

  8. Apple says:

    Can anybody help me out pls…
    How can i place or Overlape any image on this 3D Art…??
    As in this they do some flowers & leaves on the 3D image of “C”…

    1. Vyasaraj says:

      You can fill option.. :)

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